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In-house Move Crew Training
Emory University turns to IOMI® to solve quality challenge

JANUARY 20, 1999 ATLANTA, GA -- Cecil King received a new mandate shortly after the new vice president arrived: improve service quality.

As manager of Emory University's Special Events & Staging Department, King went looking for help and found the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). She couldn't have made a better move.

After a customized seminar tailored to Emory's needs, the facilities department came away with a scope of services program and a new-found pride in their work.

From time-intensive onsite job surveys, the scope of services now allows King's staff to survey job requests over the phone. It also specifies responsibilities for both the

Special Events & Staging Department and the move requester, minimizing misunderstandings about who's suppose to do what.

"The Scope of Services solves many of the day-to-day problems that were eating up valuable time, causing confusion, and giving an overall

impression of poor quality service," said Ed Katz, head of IOMI®.

It was one university needing another. Emory, one of the country's premier institutes of higher learning, found what it needed at IOMI®, the world's only university of office moving.
In the classroom, IOMI® showed Emory's 15-person move crew efficient and damage-reducing methods then shifted to a moving van simulator for practice. Role-playing boosted confidence and helped crew members develop communications skills.

Perhaps most telling about Emory’s IOMI® experience was evident on Katz' first visit to the campus shortly after his training. With no prompting from supervision, the crew reported to work with forward-facing baseball caps and without earrings.

"Even though customers are other Emory employees, training taught the crew that how they look and behave affects the perception of service quality. On the job, they represent Emory University and they can take a great deal of pride in that," said Katz.