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Today's Office / Little Rock
A. Pomerantz & Co. / Philadelphia
You kept my attention for three days, Ed.  Most presentors can't keep my attention for three hours. The information...was invaluable; we're ready to enter the office moving arena with confidence.
Rocky Brown
Senior Account Executive
Your methods for teaching and training have proven to be outstanding.  I am so enthused ...am striving to exceed your expectations before your next visit."
Rhonda Bradley
Ed is a great guy...has a sixth sense for relating to class members.  Every Steelcase dealer could benefit by making huge profits in office moving.
Marvin Moles

We received great feedback about your training. We are happy that we made the choice to work with you.
Sue Dillon
Director of Finance and Operations
Ed, your seminar was terrific--I learned so much and I thank you for making it so entertaining and easy to learn.
Adam Roseland
Senior Account Executive
Ed, thanks so much for a job well done.
Linda Feola Rudi
Vice President, Cheif Financial Officer